When people think of a gamer, they imagine the stereotypical hardcore gamer, mostly male, playing PC games for hours in the basement. Today, 2.5bn gamers play video games on mobile compared with 1.7bn on PC and 700m on console. In fact, more than 50% of mobile gamers don’t consider themselves gamers despite playing casual games such as puzzles six hours a week while waiting for a bus or during a commute, while getting their hair done in the salon, or just before bedtime. 


Casual gaming has become a lifestyle and a popular pastime due to faster internet speed, cheap and powerful smartphones that allow smooth gameplay, and availability of easy-to-learn games that require short playtime yet  are challenging and addictive. In 2019, casual games accounted for eighty percent of total game downloads with puzzle and arcade leading the categories. Casual games also accounted for 44% of game time spent in 2019. 


Today, organised competitive gaming or esport revolves around hardcore games. Casual gamers have no platform where they can compete and be considered as athletes. Hardcore gamers don’t consider casual gamers as athletes, just like 10 years ago  when physical sport athletes frowned upon esport as a sport. 


Imagine a platform that allows casual gamers to compete based on skills, be recognised as athletes, and go pro! Similar to harcore gaming, success in skill-based casual games requires extensive training, strategy, attention, agility, and dexterity. 


Enter SKIBRE, HOME OF MOBILE ESPORTS, a social and mobile-based competitive multiplayer mobile esports platform that hosts skill-based casual mobile gaming tournaments for players across genres like arcade, puzzle, sports, action, quiz, AR/VR and more. Skibre helps amateur mobile gamers compete professionally on its platform and get recognized for their talent, earn prizes, and become famous. Skibre can host millions of real-time casual esports tournaments securely daily for mobile players worldwide and distribute prizes. Skibre partners with local and international game developers by enabling social competition in their games and hosting them on Skibre’s super app.

SKIBRE helps amateur casual gamers showcase their skills and go pro.