The Skibre Story

Skibre – The Home of Mobile Esports

Skibre was built by founders who are gamers and are passionate about building a home for competitive casual gamers.

Skibre helps amateur casual gamers showcase their skills and go pro. We envision hosting World Championships for casual games.

Today, esports revolves around hardcore games. Casual gamers have no platform where they can compete and be considered athletes. When people think of a gamer, they imagine the stereotypical hardcore gamer, mostly male, playing PC games for hours in the basement. However, more than half of gamers worldwide are casual gamers who play games 6 hours a week but don’t consider themselves gamers.

Skibre is a social and mobile-based mobile esports super app that hosts global skill-based casual mobile gaming tournaments for players across genres like arcade, puzzle, sports and action.


Incubator & Investors

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