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Discover the Champion in You   

The thrill of the skill-based competition will keep you engaged day after day. Skibre is a competitive Multiplayer Social Esports platform that hosts skill-based Mobile Gaming Tournaments across all genres like arcade, puzzle, action, multiplayer, strategy, quiz, AR/VR and more!

  Prizes & Trophies

Win prizes & trophies for playing your favorite mobile games.

100% Legal & Secure

Player-matching technology ensures fairness. Anti-cheat technology built for trust, since games are skill-based.

Social Leagues & Leaderboards

Host leagues and tournaments and showcase the leaderboards of each tournament.

The Skibre Experience  

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Skibre is Southeast Asia's first innovative social Esports platform that connects mobile gamers in Southeast Asia in fair, fun and meaningful competitions

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Skibre hosts skill-based Mobile Gaming Tournaments across all genres like arcade, puzzle, action, strategy, multiplayer, quiz, AR/VR and more!

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Leverage AI/ML-based player matching technology to ensure fairness by pairing players of equal skill levels, so beginners only play beginners and experts play experts.

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24x7 Customer Service, always there to support your experience.


Win-Win Partnership for Game Developers  

Create a long-term sustainable business with Skibre Esports. Our multiplayer competition platform brings social tournaments and prizes to your players - boosting your game’s success. We drive long-term player retention, revenues, engagements & acquisition. You focus on creating amazing localized  gaming experiences.

Partner with Skibre and generate market-leading returns. Get started today! Write to us at

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Play and Win Big Prizes Daily!

Download the app on your favorite platform and start showing your Esports skills.  

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